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Extraction Of Teeth & Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal : Features


Sometimes teeth that are beyond repair need to be removed or extracted. This is painlessly carried out at our Dental Clinic under local anesthesia.

Few reasons for extraction of teeth are:

  • A grossly decayed tooth beyond repair

  • An extremely mobile tooth

  • An impacted tooth

  • Tooth removed for braces treatment to make space in the jaw

  • Vertical fracture of a tooth

  • A tooth associated with a cyst

Dentist Appointment
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The wisdom teeth are extracted in cases where they are grossly decayed, stuck in the jaw, partially erupted, or when they erupt in an improper position leading to pain, swelling, cheek bites, or decay in the adjacent tooth.

A full mouth X-ray and intraoral X-ray is taken to study the position of the tooth. Removal of a wisdom tooth involves a minor surgical procedure under local anesthesia. Anti-inflammatory medicines and sometimes antibiotics may be prescribed after the procedure. Sutures are placed after a surgical extraction in order to close the wound well. 

Our patient's comfort being a priority, our experienced and skilled Oral- Maxillofacial Surgeon makes this procedure extremely comfortable. 

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