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Dental Check Up

Dental Check Up: Features

Dental Check Up

On your first dental visit to our clinic, we will make you comfortable  and understand your dental concerns. We will comprehensively examine your teeth, gums, and related oral tissues and note down your medical history. If necessary we may take required X-rays to help in diagnosing your problem. We will advise a treatment plan addressing your chief complaint and keeping your dental care needs in mind.

In case of a dental emergency, our priority is to relieve you of the pain and discomfort first. Our aim is to provide you with the best dental care in a relaxed environment. You will always go back smiling wide! 

At the Dentist
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Why is a routine Dental Check-Up necessary?

A routine dental check-up is recommended every 6 months as any dental problem if detected early can be treated more conservatively. A small developing cavity, a slight chip, or a sensitive tooth can all be taken care of at the right time.

It is only when a cavity is left undiagnosed or ignored that it becomes deep enough to cause sensitivity or pain in the tooth. In our practice, we have a very efficient 6 monthly recall system for the benefit of our patients.

What treatment can I expect on my routine Dental Check-Up appointments?

On your routine dental check-up appointment, apart from a complete dental check-up, a scaling (cleaning) of teeth is recommended. Sometimes a full mouth X-ray (OPG) or small digital X-rays may be taken to rule out cavities.

For kids, we advise topical fluoride varnish application or pit and fissure sealants as an option to prevent cavities. We will also assess their bite and diagnose any developing malocclusions. We will be happy to guide you on a healthy diet and give you tips on oral hygiene care.

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