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Dental Lasers

Dental Laser Treatment: Features


The term LASER stands for Light Amplification By The Stimulated Emission Of Radiation. Laser is a technological advancement that can be used to make dental treatment more comfortable, less painful, reduce bleeding in a surgical procedure and reduce the need for anesthesia.

It's an excellent tool, helpful in reducing anxiety in patients who are not comfortable with the use of a cutting instrument. 

We offer various soft tissue LASER procedures such as reduction of swollen gums, pocket elimination procedure, flapless curettage of gums, exposure of impacted tooth, etc. Our LASER  specialist is a pioneer in this field with several years of experience both as a clinician and as an academician.

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Uses of Diode LASER

  • Can be used to trim and reshape gums.

  • Can be used to eliminate bacteria from canals during root canal treatment of a tooth.

  • For a Biopsy procedure or to remove a small amount of tissue, unusual growth, or an oral lesion.

  • They are used to relieve pain arising from aphthous ulcers or mouth blisters.

  • LASERS can be used during teeth whitening procedures to activate the whitening solution.

  • Can be used to eliminate bacteria and reduce the gum pocket height.

  • Can assist in the exposure of impacted teeth.

  • Have various indications in TMJ photobiomodulation to reduce pain in the jaw joint area. 

How does LASER work

LASER works by delivering energy to a site in the form of light. During dental procedures, LASER works as a cutting instrument eliminating the need for a scalpel.

It also works to vaporize the tissue that it comes in contact with making procedures bloodless and very neat. Thus reducing post-operative pain and swelling. ​

LASER can enhance or speed up the action of teeth bleaching or whitening agents by acting as a heat source.

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Dental Laser Treatment: Text
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