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Preventive Dental Treatments

Preventive Treatment: Features


We believe that with simple preventive treatments a lot of dental issues can be avoided. These treatments assist in maintaining the health of your teeth, strengthen teeth, improve oral hygiene, and offer long-term benefits as well.

We offer various preventive dental treatments like cleaning (scaling) of teeth, fluoride varnish application, pit and fissure sealants, and night guards to safeguard the health of your teeth.

At the Dentist


Professional cleaning (scaling) of teeth is a simple but skilled procedure that offers numerous hygiene benefits. Scaling helps to remove plaque, calculus, and surface stains from the teeth thus reducing oral bacteria and making the teeth and gums healthier. Plaque or calculus accumulated on the teeth can lead to demineralization of teeth, resulting in cavities. They also lead to inflamed or swollen gums which bleed easily. If this condition is ignored and allowed to progress it may lead to formation of pockets in gums, gaps between teeth, loose teeth, and gum and bone recession.

Scaling also makes the teeth brighter as clean teeth reflect light better. We offer gentle ultrasonic scaling of teeth, which is an extremely comfortable procedure.


A high concentration fluoride varnish applied to the tooth surface can prevent tooth decay, remineralise the tooth surface, and treat sensitivity of teeth.  Fluoride varnish is shown to reduce the number of cariogenic (cavity causing) bacteria in the mouth by over tenfold. It can be applied to the enamel, dentin as well as root surfaces of the teeth. Due to its adherent nature, fluoride varnish is able to stay in contact with the tooth surface for several hours.

Most varnishes contain sodium fluoride and few others may release varying amounts of calcium, inorganic phosphate, and fluoride ions. Varnishes can be safely applied to milk teeth as well thus protecting them against cavities.

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A Night guard is a protective guard worn on the upper or lower teeth, generally while sleeping or during exercise. It is advised in patients who show signs of bruxism (grinding of teeth). It provides a cushion between the upper and lower teeth surfaces thus preventing attrition (wearing down) of teeth and protecting the temperomandibular or jaw joint. 

Night guards are custom-made with an accurate impression of the teeth and can be soft or rigid with varying degrees of thickness. They are also given to protect restorations and crowns in patients who have a night grinding habit. Patients who have frequent headaches due to teeth grinding habit also benefit from them.

Mouth guards are protective plastic guards that fit over the upper and lower teeth and gums. They prevent injury to the teeth, lips, and gums during contact sports. 

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