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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening: Features


Teeth whitening has become the most popular and preferred way to improve the colour of the teeth. Whitening is a safe and non-invasive method to brighten up teeth and sometimes that is all that you need to liven up a tired smile. Whiter teeth don't only make a smile look attractive but also healthy! 

Teeth can be safely whitened by our expert cosmetic dentist Dr. Shikha Sharma, using high-quality whitening agents. This is generally a single sitting procedure at our dental clinic. Teeth whitening agents used by us in the clinic are effective, safe, and offer more predictable results than over the counter products. 

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Is teeth whitening procedure safe?

Whitening agents used nowadays effectively lighten the colour of the existing teeth without harming the natural tooth structure. So this procedure is absolutely safe for you.

However, at our clinic, before we proceed with whitening of teeth we will check the heath of your teeth and gums, evaluate your smile, and note the colour of your existing teeth.

A sitting of scaling and polishing of teeth is essential before this procedure in order to remove all plaque and surface deposits. It is also important to fill any cavities or abrasion areas before we proceed with whitening of teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures can whiten teeth that are:

  • Yellow, brown, or dull 

  • Discoloured due to age 

  • Discoloured by cigarette smoking

  • Discoloured due to consumption of tea and coffee over the years

  • Stained due to medication

  • Discolored due to fluorosis

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Results post whitening of teeth:

The results of Whitening Teeth can vary from individual to individual depending on the shade we started with, the thickness of the healthy tooth structure, the depth of the discolouration, and existing fillings or crowns visible in the smile.

It is important to know that fillings and crowns will not whiten as the whitening agent works only on natural tooth structure. Some discolourations like the ones due to fluorosis or caused due to antibiotics are more difficult to lighten. We will be happy to discuss the more effective treatment options for those.

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Aftercare tips post whitening teeth procedure:

It is essential to follow good home care hygiene practices along with brushing twice daily after the whitening procedure. Avoiding strong coloured foodstuff or food with artificial colours will help to maintain the bright colour of the teeth.

Avoid smoking, limit your tea and coffee intake to keep the teeth brighter. Another important tip is be to get your teeth gently cleaned every six months.

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Teeth Whitening: Text
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